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DAY 5: Sunday 17th April  Rialto, Ferrovia and the Ghetto

A map of Venice. Rialto, Fish Market and Ferrovia arrowed

Our Bedroom

Rialto Bridge early on Sunday, no crowds!

Grand Canal

Galleon Restaurant

Looking out into the Fish Market

Behind Rialto Market

On the way to the Ferrovia

Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista


The old Venetians were short

The Bridge, Ponte dei Scalzi, to the Railway Station which is behind

There were a few graffiti

Door knob, they tend to prefer Africans

On the Rio Tera San Leonardo. I guess it was a river (Rio) once

Marines provide extra security

Teatro Italia in Clio dell Aconetta

Female Gondolier in Campo dei Ghetto Vecchio

The Ghetto was the area to which the Jews had to return in the evening and weekends with the gates shut. It means "Foundry" in Italian, a gold foundry perhaps?   The plaques on the left are a memorial to the Holocaust. Arrows on the map mark the plaques, the museum and our coffee stop.

Ristorante Opuda

Askenazi v Sephadi


A wall plaque in Hebrew

The female Gondolier has Jewish customers


A small Venetian

Keeping Watch

The Natural History Museum



Fake Designer Bags and sun glasses for sale

Local Art Gallery

A curry for my birthday lunch here at...

Ganeshji Indian Restaurant where I had an excellent Rogan Josh and a pint of light Italian beer.

I think Ganeshji was owned by a Sikh with Italian waiters 

Sestier de San Polo

The Winged Lion of St Mark from Fascist era

Tired feet and a complex map


Poor signal in doors


Nice Bra?

Tall Girls

A gull begs with menaces

On the Rialto with a map


Which way?

Concert-goers at La Fenice and a Marx Brother passes by

Only plastic flowers

La Fenice Stage Door

The Museum of Musical Instruments

Lovers in a Museum of Contemporary Art and ...

... The Beatles on Abbey Road

Black and White glass

Campo di San Vidal

A child dancing to the buskers


Poet, Nicolo Tommaseo,  and Pigeons

Another door knob


Palazzo Franchetti with the Exhibition by Joseph Klibansky

Accadamia Bridge


A very queer shop

Chiesa di San Moise

Basilica San Marco with the symbolic flagpoles and horses looted from the Hippodrome Constantinople 

"Osteria No 1" below our Hotel but not connected where we had several reasonable evening  meals