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DAY5: 25 June, Kalavrita to Delphi and Mount Parnassus

We packed up for the drive to the North of the Gulf of Corinth and Delphi. Then took a short last visit to the "bramble patch" before setting off from the hotel

On the way we partly followed a good EU funded motorways with periodic tolls of E2.80. Crossing the Rion Antiron Bridge with a coffee and diesel stop on the far side. Then drove on for a mainly seafood lunch at Galaxidi after seeing Freyer's Grayling in the woodland there

Acanthus spinosum

A field of Hollyhocks

Marbled White



Empty Developments on the Livahdi Plain, left disserted by the financial crash

Grecian Copper




The 3Km long Rion-Antiron Bridge across the Gulf of Corinth, this photo taken from our coffee stop

A picture from the Internet

Grecian Copper

Prickly Pear, an import!

Freyer's Grayling

Marbled Skipper

Pine woods at Galaxidi

Mountain Small White

Spiders mating or eating each other



The Quay at Galaxidi

Panorama of Galaxidi

Sea Front

Scarce  Swallowtail


The Group eat a seafood lunch

Our Cafe

Looking down at the Site of the Delphic Oracle etc

The Archaeological site

Restoration work


A Nonchalant Tourist

This "omphalos" was the first object of veneration, it had fallen from the sky. In my opinion it is the nose cone of an alien space ship.

Detailed stonework

The Sacred Spring

The Theatre

Jigsaw puzzle wall

Temple of Apollo envisaged

The running track or stadium where the the Panhellenic Pythian Games were held


The Sacred Spring now fully controlled

Water way

A Leaf Blower

Temple of Apollo base

The Theatre

One of the Inhabitants

The wall above the sacred spring was inhabited by Rock Nut Hatches

Roman graves below the main site

Balkan Marbled White

Lacewing, Nemoptera bipennis

Looking for the Grass Jewel which Brian spotted

Purple Carpenter Bee

Capparis Spinosa

We examine a cattle trough

Grass Jewel (very small)

Grass Jewel

Meadow Brown


White Letter Hairstreak

Small Copper

Small Copper does battle

Candelabra Verbascum



Wild Onion

Seven Spot Burnet




Brown backed fern



Looking back at Kalavrita


Red Trefoil


Blue Argus

Spotted Fritillary

Spotted Fritillary

A Mountain "Farm".

Fedriades Hotel Delfi

An old house opposite the hotel. Helen and I walked round the town before dinner

Three levels

the best one at the top

Down the steps

A four storey house

Old house for sale

Modern Decor


Various roadside Oleanders


Feral cats raid the bins

Hermann's Tortoise

Modern Houses

An Old Terrace

Old Style Greek House

A Steep Road

View out to the Gulf

Fire Hydrant

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