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DAY7 & 8: 19 & 20th April  San Marco, the Accademia and Dorsoduro

A map of Venice.  Arrows mark Modern Art Exhibition, Palazzo Francetti and the lamp on the point.

Basilica Reflected

Soft porn made in glass

Marines, Carabinieri  and Police

Venetian Red Glass

Shiny art

A street clock

Art Deco Plaque

Pushing "La Fenice"

Pictures of the Empire, Corfu

A scandal

Graffito of a typical tourist?


Waiting for the Exhibition by Joseph Klibansky to open

Beside the staircase

Lamp base

All the famous Venetian sights


Exhibition by Joseph Klibansky





Great Citizens of Venice in the Gallerie dell Accademia

Marco Polo



Campo delia Salute

Basilica dei Santa Maria Salute

Lamp on the point

Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore


A spy disguised

View from the modern coffee shop we stopped at, but "No Toilet"

Who is the winner

Empty Factory

St George again

A covered canal

The door

The Swiss Consulate


Gondola building yard

Hornet fly

Bad teeth!



Local Art gallery

Happy Dragon

Posing for tourist photos


Oh my!

Dress shop


Lamp            Door Knocker

DAY9    San Marco to the Airport


 Detail over the door of the Basilica di San Marco.

A cigar?

Others leaving Venice

Shop assistant, in the early morning 


Waiting to be photographed

Murano Glass for sale

No custom yet

Isola di San Michele, cemetery island on our way to the Airport


National Naval Academy

An arch through the wall of Darsena Grande with the steel walkway we trekked along, pointlessly


For sale at the airport

A plane waits at the Airport

We had a reasonable flight and bought a coffee for sale and we almost caught a train straight away at Gatwick but the indicator sent us to the wrong platform.  A 20min wait then a smooth journey to St Albans to be greeted enthusiastically by the cats.

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