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Thursday 23rd Apri 2015. The gang of four walked from Wapping to Liverpool Street via Shadwell

Route of the walk

 Gun Wharves

School Desks for Cafe users

You cannot buy happiness, but you can buy cake

White Swan and Cuckoo, Wapping Lane

A Coal Hole

Lunch Break

St Peter's Anglo-Catholic Church


Like a Ship above "Cobble Stone Square"

The Original Dock Gate

"Three Sisters"

"Pirate Ship" replicas

Detail, a Figurehead

Deck Debris


Do not climb aboard!

London Dock

Scruffy Heron on the bridge

Tropical Gardens

Purple Bins

Towers looming over Kennet Street

Hyper Market

 Crane Reflected


Our Vision?

Curve on Vaughan Way

Path Block

Grace Alley

Wilton's Music Hall

The Jewish "Angel of Cable Street" Dr Hannah Billig lived here on Cable Street

Crown and Dolphin, Cable Street

A John Williams was sentenced to death for two multiple murders, the" Ratciff Highway Murders". However before execution his body was found hanged in his cell. In order to appease public concern his body was taken round the area on a cart then buried at the cross roads of Cable Street and Cannon Street Road with a stake through his heart. He was dug up by gas main layers after 100 years and his skull was later displayed nearby in the Crown and Dolphin until it closed.

Cannon Street Road. One of the few remaining original terraces

The "Overground" runs along the route of the 1840 Cable Railway

Hawksmoor Mews, a tribute to the Architect of St Georges

"St George in the East". The bombed out shell encloses the replacement church

 Girls in school uniform of the Latafiah Islamic Secondary School


A Mural of the 1936 Battle of Cable Street between a fascist Black Shirt march and the locals both socialist and Jewish

Cable Street Windows

Looking out of St Georges

The Altar

West Window

Awaiting Restoration?

St George

A pub no longer

In Watney Market




Local Shoppers

Unusual Vegetables

 A lurking salesman

Watney Market

On Commercial Road

Turkish Cafe

Street Art



Street Art in Whitechurch Lane


St George's Day is Celebrated at The Bar Locks White Church Lane

Whitechurch Passage

How is she raking in the cash?

Whitechapel Gallery Whitechapel High Street

Freedom Bookshop in Angel Alley Whitechapel

Anarchists listed by first name. The Bookshop publishes the only anarchist newspaper "Freedom"

Booksellers?? in Angel Alley

Reflection on Whitechapel High Street

Gunthorpe Street

Gunthorpe Street exit

"Harley Man", not quite

The Hoop and Grapes Aldgate High Street

Survived the Great Fire of London 1666

Triptych in the Hoop and Grapes toilet 

Michael waits for his lunch

Proud Owner

Soup Kitchen for poor Jews on Brune Street


Street Art1

Street Art2

Petticoat Lane, the main market day is Sunday see

Street Art Brune Street

Great Windows Artillery Lane

Artillery Lane


Artillery Lane

Under her own cloud

Kings Stores Sandy's Row

Swedeland Court off Bishopsgate

Liverpool Street Station

Spring is here


A waif and stray



"Kinder Transport" Memorial

Drinking as usual

Helens Geotags

London Home