Whitechapel Spitalfields North Woolwich

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Wednesday 29th Aug 2018. The gang of four walked from Canning Town to Westferry

Route of the walk, thin red line. Enlarges a lot

Canning Town DLR Station

Canning Town Bus Station

Steve sets forth

City Island Development

Bow Creek

River Wall

Building Workers?

City Island Footbridge

In the lift

The Developers pretend this might be a rural area

Looking up

"Good Luck" Development

A Trinity Buoy

No longer a ship builder, "Good Luck" Sales Gallery now

The Sales Gallery

Looking for a sunken cheeses

Palm Trees from Sicily to aid sales

Ready for buyers

Trinity Buoy Wharf buoy

Looking out

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Holding up the Royal Drawing School fire escape

At the Drawing School


Andrew Baldwin's Cab Tree

Ex Lightship

Adam ready to be made

and Eve

"Container City". Shipping containers as accommodation

A Flying Machine

More art by Andrew Baldwin

A Gramophone?

London's only lighthouse plus Faraday's Shed

 Shed where Faraday tried electric light for Lighthouses

Faraday's cat on the table

Andrew Baldwin and John Eacott "Floodtide"

Tidal organ with a Tidal Lunar Clock behind

Fatboy's Diner

Awaiting Restoration?

A Recording Studio (now)

A Mini Harley

Another casualty

Gates to East India Dock Basin


Swing left


A tear in the fabric

Michael steps up


Nest Raft?

Dock Edge

Is this just cracked baked mud?

A beacon, early lighthouse

Lock Gates

Musician plus bollard

Virginia Quay


The Prime Meridian line

O2 Panorama

Tourists on the roof of the O2

Beside Aspen Way

Bridge over Aspen Way

Two locals


A food zone

More room outside


Posh doors

Don't play with the Big Boys!

The Greenwich Pensioner for our lunch (not a Taylor-Walker Pub despite the sign)

The Pub was bare with a poor selection of beers, (no Pale Ale or Bitter) and very mediocre food

A bright bike

The Lansbury, Poplar

Door to Tower Hamlets College

Canary Warf

Bridge over the DLR

Inside the Bridge

Crossrail Place

Mini Mouse

Under the Walk way

An Apple

Reminders of Dockland

North Quay Floating Bridge

Ignoring each other

Odd Heads

Small Head

Down to the Car Park



One clock should be correct

We took the DLR from Westferry to Bank then home

London Home