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Tuesday 18th August 2015, a walk with SACC , "Jewish London", from Whitechapel and back to Aldgate East lead by Michael

Map of  the walk in dotted red

In Whitechapel Market


"Bling" for sale

A sly one


Contemplation, Steve and Henry look on

Feel the width

Black and White

A Pink Scooter

Royal London Hospital, New Wing

Islamic Text

Curly Beard

Ashfield St / Cavell St

Chris on the Marble Carpet looking up for inspiration Cavell St / Ford Square

Sir Jack Cohen lived here as a child. 91 Ashfield St

Sidney Square, we passed Sidney St but no sign of the siege (1910).

A Pub Yard



A victim of Inflation

Synagogue of the Congregation of Jacob

Saris for sale

Self Portrait

More Saris


Hats galore


Gormless manikins


Balcony Support

Wall Plaques

A Wedding Coat

Was Raines Boys School

Looking Out

Cable Street

Black Shirt Leader, Sir Oswald Moseley debagged (poetic licence) in the mural of the Battle of Cable Street, 1936

Old Town Hall Defended


St Georges in the East, a Hawksmoor church

The Crown and Dolphin, see "Shadwell" page

Wilton's Music Hall, Grace Alley

The Foyer of Wilton's

The Brown Bear


Colourful offices

Mosaic of the area on a Primary School

The Dog and Truck

 Henriques Street, Elizabeth Stride was killed here by the Ripper,

Tiles in Commercial Road

111A Commercial Road


Striped Vest

Wedding Arch

Street Art

Gleaning Rubbish

Parfett Street


The closed Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue beside the huge East London Mosque

Plumbers Row

Another Mosaic

The Church Bell Foundry

But not diverted onto the sidewalk surely!



Gold Shoes

Freedom Bookshop

The Alley labelled Woods Building (in the centre) off Whitechapel Road leads into what was Bucks Row where Jack the Rippers first victim, Mary Ann Nichols was found.

I learnt this later or I would have taken a better picture!

Enlarge to read

Looking in


Gunthorpe Street Martha Tabram, a Ripper's victim was killed here

Evening meal in the "Hoop and Grapes" under very low light

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