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DAY 7:   28th May

Arrows mark Berdun & Mirador des Aves

Local cows, positively lead about by the head girl, by the Hostel at Refugio Gabardito where we had lunch of Tortilla Espanola plus.

The path up to the Mirador des Aves

Looking down from the path

The rock face where the Wallcreeper appeared

The cliff face opposite

Choughs and Raptors mill around above us

White Helleborine 

Wintergreens in the woods off the road down

and one fully flowering

The tiny bird that is like the Holy Grail to Birders. We saw one through the telescope.

The Rio Veral runs along the Gorge, Foz de Binies, 

Phil and Jem

Saxifraga Longifoliia on the top of the cliff

A natural rock wall breeched by the River Veral

The cliff top covered with saxifrages

Anthony & Liz in front of a short tunnel in the wall

Seeking moisture in the crack in the rock face

Griffon Chick unbothered

River Veral

Onion,Allium pyrenaicum

Wild Rose

River Veral

Spanish Festoon


Ramonda Myconis


Grizzled Skipper

Bee Orchid

Ramonda Myconis

Aquilegia Vulgaris


There were dozens of butterflies on a puddle on the meadow at the end of the gorge

Dingy Skipper?

Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper



Some more shots of Berdun 

Inside the dark, unlit village church of Santa Eulalia. This was only visible on the camera

A Distinctive Chimney

Traditional Spanish Door

The Promenade?


Goodbye Casa Sarasa

Leaving Berdun area for the Sotonero Reservoire Reserve, Castillo de Montearagon and Zaragoza Airport

Gary spotting Butterflies by the Reservoir


Gladiolus Illyricus

In line ahead


A White Stork takes off

Castillo de Montearagon

Castillo de Montearagon


The comfort stop on the way to Zaragoza. Police based in the petrol station?

We were at the head of the queue for Bag Drop when the lone woman turned up, 5 or 10 minutes late, but there were only our plane's passengers there.

We arrived at Stansted on time and found our vey unsatisfactory Minicab, arriving home to find Matthew had cooked supper, great!

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