Wednesday 19th Sept 2012 A walk

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Sunday 2nd Dec 2012 A walk round Columbia Flower Market 

Market Map

Plump apartment blocks

Old Street Train Station entrance

Worried Geek in Street Art

Prisoner? behind bars.

Smoker kept out


Hoxton Locals


Fire Escape

Leopold Buildings

Birnam Wood coming to.....

Enamelled Bowls

Horizontal stripes don't make it  look smaller

Colourful Pots for sale


Quite well wrapped up for the cold

Michael inspects the flowers

Red Berries etc

The long view of Columbia Road

Three for two?

Young stall holders

View through the window of the Campania Cafe

Michael and Steve at the coffee stop:  the Campania

A small crowded cafe

Outside tables

Tables outside in the cold sun


Cat on warm(er) car roof

"Sugar Sisters" open for bookings at Christmas

Nelly O'Duff selling?

Glass knob on bell jar

Framed dog

Poinsettia for Christmas

Fly killer or non maintenance birds?

Knocking at an open door

Mirror view of a chat

Stone sculptures shop

Another mirror view

Singing away

Olive selection

Blind? in stones shop

Crockery for sale

Head of a boy for sale

Embroiderer sitting down

Lion for sale


Botanical Mosaic

Office block bent in reflection

Chair of made up of identical pieces

World Message in falsetto

Decorated door

Number Seven

Alley leading to the "Nelson's Head"

Headless vegan


Waiting for her sisters

Sport Massage?

Whitstable Oysters to eat

Oysters Detail


Ezra Street

"Nelson's Head" pub


Mr Glum

Tower Block


Local Shop

From a shop of curiosities

Robot in the shop

Street Art

"Red Roof Terrace"

Hackney Community College Gate

Paper shop

Street Art

Mr Christmas

Carving a Kebab

Mother and child


Rat by Steve Smyth

Trio sitting on the fence

"Red Market"

What is the "Point"?

Smiles since 1999

Jewelled wall Decor

The Beacon 243 Old Street


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