Sunday 2nd Dec 2012 A walk round

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The record of a walk by the gang of four from Shoreditch High Street to Liverpool Street, with rather a lot of Street Art, pity about some of the mindless "tags" spoiling the images! The rain was fine but persistent providing puddles for reflections. 27th August 2014.

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Map of the Walk

On Shoreditch High Street

On Redchurch Street

The Owl & Pussycat



Ooor!  ( Ebor Street )

George the Dog

Very Bright!

Pop-up Cafe on a demolition site Shoreditch High Street

A stool fully dressed

Catalogue Photo Crew at Corner New Inn Yard King John Court

Car Park

Elevated Tube train

The crew again

The Mission, Hollywell Lane

Detail One of The Mission

Detail Two of The Mission

Lonely building

Light & Wall Hanging in the Andina Peruvian Cafe where we had coffee. 1 Redchurch Street

"Long live the King"  Corner of New Inn Yard and Curtain Road

Fire Escape


A Colourful Corner. There are "Art Tours" around this area and numerous Art Galleries


Decorated Doors New Inn Yard

I don't recognise him

Boxer with Cat's Cradle

 Shakespeare's original Theatre site, Curtain Road. It was taken down and transported South of the river.

"Dejahvoodu" in Red Market, Old Street

Barley Mow, Curtain Road


Bricklayers Arms, Charlotte Street

Mexican Beer, Red Market, Old Street

Skull and Beetle

Glamour Puss


Curtain Road School, Infants Entrance

Theatre Bar in the rain!

Sweet Sleep with love

Gallery and Shop

Very wet Rivington Street

Vicious Birds at Comedy Theatre

Bash Street Comedy Theatre, Rivington Street



William S Boroughs taking LSD

Metal Discs

Chance Street

Detail Gang Marking?

Eggs arriving

Circus 83

Bull Fighter

She is leading an Art Tour

Jonah's whale?

Ceiling of the " Maison Trois Garcons" where we lunched

Catalogue Crew getting wet while we ate lunch

The Model


Aurelie our charming waitress at the next door Ozzie table

No sign of the Three Boys, 43 Redchurch Street

Aurelie reflected

"We buy Junk and sell Antiques"

Steve snapping

Fellow lunch customer

Antiques for sale?


"Not a love scene"

A burning ship

Off the scale

Sailing Home, Turville Street

It is rude to notice! (My mother said)

Dedicated to the Artist's dead son


Club Row

Michael tidies up

Beetle door handle

Happy Sailor

Calvin Klein pants



Fox's Knocker on Columbia Road

Columbia Road Primary School

Leopold Buildings, a Victorian attempt at Social Housing by Philanthropist Baroness Burdett-Coutts

School Letter Box

Perhaps only open during the Sunday's Flower market???


No longer a corner shop, on Elwin Street

Royal Oak Columbia Road

A local

Wood Close

Sari Shop, Cheshire Street

Detail of the shop

Tight fit

Mosaic of London

The Clerks House? St Matthews Church Gardens

Hare Marsh

St Matthews Row pinch point

Railway Footbridge off Cheshire Street

Multi Tasking

Duke of Uke (lely) shop

Moving house


Cartoon Woman Pilot

Guardians, Grimsby Street


RIP Smokers


Nando Mambo Grimsby Street


Flying Elephants


Zeca Alfonso, who?

Precious, Grimsby Street


Six eyed cat off Brick Lane

I love Shoreditch

Piercing Eyes

Deputy Dog


Sweeping up Brick Lane

Passing by Brick Lane

Decorated shop in an alley that runs Brick Lane to Code Street

London Smiles

Off Brick Lane


Dark Angel

Wall bars

Space struggle



Look out he's seen you!


17th Century Houses

Dereliction Princelet Street

Crispin Street

Wilkes Street

Paper Bags Shop

Waiting for the taxi Brushfield Street

Rose Alley

Hermes winged sandals

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