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Wednesday 4th February 2015 a cold  walk by the Gang of Four around Deptford which has seen little development since the slums were cleared

Map of Deptford and the walk in dotted red

Blackfriars Station Column

Outside the Black Friar Pub

The Slav Barmaid


Three Friars portrayed outside the Black Friar pub, decor 1905

Stained Glass Window, note his ears.

A mosaic over the entrance

A Dining Alcove

A choice of beer

Barmaid waiting for her shift

The Black Friar pub for coffee

Hold him, Art Deco statue


Down to the Embankment


A smoker

A glimpse of St Pauls

Another  "Selfie"

Garlick Hill

Clouds and the Thames


Cannon Street station

Vintners Company on Queen Victoria Street

St James Garlickhithe Church

Cantilever Footbridge

Outside New Cross station

Street Art

Exclusive Designs

Royal Albert

African Prints

Earth Auger


Deptford Market

A Pound Stall

A Clothes Stall



Halal Meat

Blue coats


Cassava for sale

Red on Red

Blue Manikin

Fish Heads for sale

Shiny Fruit



A Cheerful Rasta

Aladdin's Cave

More Cloth

Four Heads

Afro Hair Salon

A Traditional Pie Shop

Deptford, a centre for Vietnamese Boat People

The White Swan pub

Golden Library

and reflected

Manze's Meat Pies

The Dog and Bell where we had a good lunch

His and Hers

Snapping the fish fish

Bridge on the Thames Walk

Modern Houses beside Deptford Creek

St Pauls Churchyard, which contains Prince Mydidee's grave, he was brought from Tahiti by Capt Bligh

"Haynes for Drains"

Street Art again

St Nicholas Church

Cemetery of St Nicholas Church, Christopher Marlow is buried here, Deptford Green

Big Clampdown on criminals!

Peter the Great and his dwarf. He stayed for 3 months in John Evelyn's House to study ship building which were built here on the river.

Little and Large

A Throne

The Dwarf

A new development

Arriving at the architecture award winning Laban Building

Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

The Gang (and my mouth isn't gaping!)

Inside the Laban

Laban Front Door

Halfpenny Hatch Bridge, it took eight men to wind it up to allow ships to pass.

Deptford Creek which was a major dock

Photo Studio under the railway

Deptford Station

Cannon Street Station

Millennium Bridge

Steel Drummer

Tourist and Gold Statue

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