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Friday 16th November 2012 A walk round Paddington to Marble Arch

Geo-tag Map

Window Cleaner

The ladder is too short

House decoration detail

Office on the Westway


Merchant Square Office

Tubular Foot Bridge

Paddington Basin

Photographers' coffee break

5 Merchant Square

View of Merchant Square from M&S Cafe at 5 Merchant Square

All the gang in a reflection

A Barge's Porch

Window Cleaners

Air Conditioning Vents attract Michael

Ship's Bell

Roll-up Bridge

Off to Paddington Station

Christmas Lights?

Tobacco Advert

Workers reflected

Wage Slaves

Light "well"



Under the bridge

Skull on the roof

"Paintin" Unit

"Hampshire Rose"

Liquid Oxygen

Art Deco Title

"Taxi wanted" light

A closed Post Office

Pop-up Urinal (stuck up?)

Cheerful workers posing

Cement Silos for Crossrail Reflected in the Offices

Mirrored Tree

Taxi Controller


Railway Tracks


Barge Roof

Roof cables, 500ft roof

Curved Walkway over the Regents Canal

Paddington Station

A mutt

Our Lunch Stop

Drinking tea, Edgware Road

Smoking Shishas (hookahs)

Fantasia Palace

Modern Roofscape

Muslim Woman

Letterboxes Praed Street

Not selling drugs now

Smoke Screen

Flasks reflecting Edgware Road

They asked me to take them!

A modern School, Nuttford Place

Shisha or hookahs for customers' use.

Girls strolling by

Fruit Shop Edgware Rd

Swinging the burning coals for the hookahs

Lebanese sweets


Ginkgo Bilobas, Seymour Place


Bendy lamps

Marble Arch

Homeless couple

Stylist through the window

Cold Pigeons

Gates in the Arch

Horses head


Ghengis Khan by artist Dashi Namdakov


On the phone

Swamp Cypress

Homeless gathering

Curved Windows

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