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A walk round to snap the Shard o


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Decorated Alleyway

Ready for action

A First Aiders briefing

Conscious of being in the photo?

Cleaning the window ready for diners to see the procession


Totem pole?

Festive Street

Someone walked into the shot

Gateway to Chinatown

No cars !

Still working

Typical Shops

Dragon's Head

Street Decoration, Orange lanterns for good luck.

Various rolled cakes including Panda Roll


Proud family photo

Gaudy New Year cakes


Waiting for the call

Ready to dance

Weaving around itself

Lion taking a breather

Back in character

The "band"

Learn Chinese for free!

Traditional New Year letter, later became an envelope with cash in.

Baby Dragon


Waving Scarves Dance

Dancing Fish


Flag Carriers


Not Chinese!

Ferry Boats from Hong Kong?

From Peru

Elegant Dancers with "fans"

Various Animals

Ceremonial Clothes

New Year Banner

Peruvian Dancers

More from Peru

Umbrella Dance Guyana?

Kung Fu Class





Lucky Tree

Dragon Boat

Dance Group Resting

No Digging!

Chinese Choir


Determined Shoppers


Yo hoo!

Tea for Two

Silly me

Photo duel

Large American

Chips for Lunch or Noodles?

A Reporter or researcher?

Chinese Ambassador speaking

A long way back

Boris on giant screen

Nice smile

Lotus position, Yogic Flying?

Mr Woo

Pavement picnic

Hat envy!

Police Station in the right spirit

New Year envelopes, no cash!


Yes, you want?


Chop suey

Lucky first Visit by Lion

We have a cure for it

Water pipe, no opium nowadays

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