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St Albans Camera Club Around Tra


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St Albans Camera Club walk Around Trafalgar Square 19th July2011

Freshen up a little

Must be Interesting!

On message?

Banana Man

Lunch Time

Ship in a bottle

False Modesty

Golden Man

Or take a bus?

Tourist trash

I made it!

My poor feet

Who is it?

How do you?





In Flight

In the Park

The expert

Kids hanging out

Hari, Hari Krishna


What are you photographing?

 Speak up please

What smell?

Portrait for the family

On the town

Ullo, ullo

Have a chip?

River side

Split pub

"Swiss" Chalet




Watch out below!

Rain Colour


Colourful Towels etc

Waiting to cross

Coal Hole



Urban Fox


St Martin?

Barge and Tug

St Martin?

More Chips

Fire Escape

Oscar Wilde with a hole in his head

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