Inns of Court

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SACC walk around Fleet Street area 14th August 2012.

Roof of Blackfriars Station one side is solar panels

Reflection in the Blackfriars ticket hall

A Black Friar above the pub

Art Deco Horse opposite

Lunch Break


Fleet Street (old Daily Express building)


Mary Queen of Scots

Apex Hotel "Temple Court"

An original gateway to the Temple

Clock Celebrating the Olympics with flags

Fleet Street

"Old Bank of England" Pub

Flame (Ex Gas Lamp?)


Tea for sale shop

"The George" Pub

Boundary to City of London


Royal Courts of Justice

Street Lamp

Main Entrance to Royal Courts of Justice

"The Devereux" Pub

Brothers, they claimed!

Some of the Gas Lamps are still gas lamps with clockwork switches on and off.

Well lit passage roof

A passage between Courts

Romanesque Door to the Temple

Round Templar Church

Knights Templar with Grenades

Two poor Knights per horse

Opinion of Photographers

The Cloisters

Temple Master's House


Resting, Graham and Gillian.

Tour Guide telling a story



A Quiet Corner

Jolly Lawyers

Slim statue (there was also a fat one)

LSE Summer School

Penguin Books?

Baby Tembo

LSE Accommodation & bookshop

Not busy this afternoon

Old Curiosity Shop at corner of Lincolns Inn Fields


Between Deliveries


New Court

Chapel Steps


Entrance to the Undercroft and Michael our Leader

Chapel Undercroft

R. (King) Cicest?


Off Home

Bonnet Reflection

Architecture Student

Drawing the Arches

Way out to Carey Street

Legal Books Shop in the passage

Sea God?

Fancy Gas Lamp

Pink Taxi

The "Knights Templar" Pub where we ate.

Door to the Pub that used to be the Union Bank

Wheat Beer and Colin

Complex Capital

Entrance to Temple Avenue


St Paul's Dome

Southwark Bridge

Carved Capital


Tug Boat



Bridge Supports

Dog walker

Tate Exhibition

Wenlock symbol of the Olympics

Millennium "Wobbly" Bridge

The Shard of Glass

River Path

Map with Geo-tags

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