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Wednesday 22nd August 2012  Walk around Hamstead Village Helen's pictures are at http://catfan.co.uk/1.Catfan_hampstead.htm


Keats House, Keats Grove

Regency Bow Window

Window Cleaner

Blue Door

St John's Church, Downshire Hill

Fancy Ironwork

Pastel Shades Willow Road

"Area" Steps

Kitchen Window (not posh enough!)

Painted Terracotta

No horizontals


Umbrella Stand

Burg House Cafe

Other Customers


Our European Waitress

18 New End Square

Boiler House?

Crooked Chimney

 A nanny, Flask Walk

Gate Knobs

A touch of Red

Matching Flowers

A short Sit Down, Flask Walk

Worn Steps

Mixed Styles of House

Coffee and Fag Break

X-ray Photo

Flask Walk off the High St

Second hand Bookshop

'enry 'iggins

Graveyard, St John's Church


Bronze Angel


Bent Pine

The Watch House 1830

Catholic Church

Bent lamp

Stevenson's House, Mount Vernon


The "Holly Bush", Holly Mount


Chimney Pots, Holly Mount

London City View

Gates, Fenton House

Michael and Helen

Fenton House

Admiral's House


Bulrush Gate

Convex Mirror

Jack Straws Castle (Now Flats)

Pub Window

Pub Mirror

The Bar

Three after lunch, see sign next

Pub Sign

Narrow Road


Cigar Clock

Old White Bear

Patient Dog

The Wells Tavern, Well Walk


Van rear window

Oriel Window

Belvedere? Gainsborough Gardens



Fruit Stall outside Hampstead Heath Station

Dark Glasses


Sleeping on the Overground

Who is it?

Greatly over exposed Bookseller

Map with Geo-tags

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