A walk round  Medical London led by Steve on 2nd August 2013

Map of the northern part of the walk

Homeless' Lounge in Argyle Walk

Widborne Street

A drinker plus drink in hand

A thin house, wartime bombing survivor?

Derelict Settee

His Office, The Boot, Cromer Street she has milk & cat milk

Bikes on balconies

King of Falafel, Tavistock Place



Outside for a smoke?

Brunswick Square

Brunswick Square

Boris Bikes Grenville Street

Street Light

Great Ormond Street ventilation system.

A nurse on his break

Cosmo Place, Queens Square

Smoke Break

Lamp a bit bent at St George the Martyr Church

Winged Bull, symbol of St Luke

Steve takes a Lambretta

Cosmo Place

Out in her nightie



A map? Holborn Tube Station

Building Reflected



Ship Tavern, Gate Street

Very Sad

Southern part of the walk

A swooping hug, amused waitress.

"Make it your last one"

A touch of yellow

Dead Drinking Fountain Lincoln's Inn Fields

Neglected Window Box

Space Man

I got a Bentley outside LSE!

Corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields



The Old Land Registry

Royal College of Surgeons Lincolns Inn Fields

Camdonian by Barry Flanagan

Newmans Row

Coffee Break

Japanese Restaurant  Red Lion Street

Chairs by Thai Restaurant

Measuring up


A toothy smile

A warm day for drying!

Shopping Boswell Street

Family Meal

Helen, Michael & Steve photographing Arms of Savoy on the Italian Hospital in Queens Square.

A water pump in Queens Square


Clown Dolls at Queen's Larder where we had lunch

The Barmaid, reflected in mirror

The Bar of the Queen's Larder

A Story Teller, listeners enthralled

Old Signboard

A rollup cigarette before lunch

A door knocker

Stomping along


The Lamb, Lamb's Conduit

Steve takes a reflection

 Doughty Mews, Steve & Helen


Dickens House, Doughty Street

Brownlow Mews

Window Decoration

Spiral Stairs

Discussion in the Blue Anchor, Greys Inn Road

Through the window

"illy"  Coffee makings

Working Lunch?

The Boss's Seat

Strange Couple

Calthorpe Arms Greys Inn Road

Inn Sign

Dry Riser

 Tavistock Place

A Muslim

A Muslim Woman

Children's Project

Mosaic Path


 Face of an Old Woman

Mosaic Cat

Play Mountain

History of the site

Magnolia Tree

Plants for Sale

Licking the crumbs off

Marchmont Community Garden

Modest on Kenton Street

"A pound a bowl!"

Bloomsbury Building Supplies Marchmont Street

A Mobile Stall

Fire Escape, Herbrand Street

BMA House

Security Mirror at BMA

Classic Saab, as featured on GoogleEarth, 1 Ensleigh Place


King David of Scotland and the Holy Stag, Tavistock Court, Ensleigh Place

Grey "Dress"

Caryatids St Pancras Church

Lads chat

Africa and Europe

St Pancras Station

Glasses on "The Lovers" plinth

The Roof St Pancras Station


A quick record snap.


London Home