The record of a walk by the gang

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A visit by Matthew and me to the Tower of London on 9th Sept 2014

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Map of the Tower

Three Lions from the ancient Menagerie

Ceramic Poppies

The Byward Tower

Baggage Check at the entrance

A Jolly Beefeater

Outside the Old Mint in Mint Street

The Bell Tower

Peasant inside the Old Mint

Steel Archers defending

Inside the Outer Wall

Young Visitors Resting

The Shard beyond the Thames

Random Stained Glass

Royal Bedroom in the Medieval Palace

with Chapel en suite

Board of Ordnance

Vaulted Ceiling

Henry VIII's Water Gate

A Throne

A tardy recruit for the WW1 recreation

The Recruiting Sergeant 

A Protester against the war and bored spectator

Skewered on the battlements walk

Crossbowman's hands

Into the Guardroom

Ordnance Board arms

Onto the Battlements with a roof  over them

 Crossbowman reloads

WW2 Motorcycle

A Yeoman Warder

A Gargoyle

Alpha Male Ape

Apes on a wall made from chicken wire

A wig??

"Tourist Shot" on the battlements

 A difficult question

A Tower Raven

The New Armoury Restaurant for lunch

Steps to the Old Hospital

Knights of Malta Canon

Side View

A Detail

Napoleonic War Field Guns

Alley to Broad Arrow Tower

WW2 Field Gun

Front View

Trapped Elephant

The White Tower containing The Armoury

Knight on an ancient wooden model horse

An engraved Breastplate

Breastplate Line Up

Horse Armour

Little and Large

Proud Prince Henry (VIII)

One of Cromwell's Cavalry

Engraved Armour

Faces from the old exhibition


An Ornate Spanish Helmet

Samurai Armour

A hat must be missing

Flintlock mechanism

A Blackfoot War Bonnet

A Pikeman's Armour

An Engraved Shield

A Pistol

Greek helmet?

Leather Coat of the Ironsides

A gold plated Sten gun

A Model of the Tower

Apulia for Coronation oil. No photos in the Jewel House

Wellington rebuilt the Tower to defend against possible revolutionaries attacking the Government


A Dragon made with armour

A family of muskets, Brown Bess?

A looted lion

A Guide waiting

A Lion cast on a canon

"Selfie" with the sentry behind

A Sentry

Line up

Multi shot early rifle

In the Beauchamp Tower

Kiss a Beefeater?

Beauchamp Tower

Tower window

Door to the tower

Get away!

Carved stone graffiti by a prisoner

Queen's House on Tower Green

Just like that! The Warders tell good tales

The White Tower

Volunteer for the Manacles?

The rack in the Bloody Tower

Traitors Gate looking down from the battlements. A Yeoman Warder takes a tour.

Portcullis Mechanism

Guard hut


Japanese Tourists go home

Traitors Gate

St Thomas' Tower

Merchant Navy Memorial

Wreath on the Memorial

Tower Hill Beggar

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