A walk round  St James Park to P


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                      Helen, Peter and Steve joined a Foyle's Event, a photographic walk lead by Anthony Epes to help photographers and hopefully produce photographs for an Exhibition on "Charing Cross Road."  17thJune 2013

I understood the theme was part of Cities at Dawn and so I looked for what was happening early, before most people are around.

Map of first part of the walk to Denmark Street

Cleaning up last night's mess

and recycling cardboard

An early shower of rain

No tickets for sale this early

Out comes the rubbish


An early delivery

Night shift off for breakfast

Rubbish Cart

Street Sweeper

Theatre "Queue

Narrow lane, long shadows

In early to do the books

Goodwin's Court built 1690

Victorian style

Risky angle at the Sussex

Lamb & Flag

Red Rubbish

Cakes arrayed

Narrow Street, China Town

The cats must have been waving all night!

Deserted Band Stand

Back from a "shout"

Porcupine Pub Sign



Restocking China Town

Looks like it was a false alarm

Spice of Life and line of lamps

Cleaning the Brass outside a theatre

Pop-up Urinal permanently up.

Not too keen to be snapped?

Steve and Helen join the Group

Early joiners. Antony Epes is in the Centre

Next door to Foyles

Phone box and adverts

Waiting for the crane

A queue for the Phoenix Theatre   Opposite Foyles

Reflection of "Beer, Whiskey & Rock and Roll"

What is a good photo?  (not as it seems behind!)

Where are you?

Pillars of Hercules

Spiral staircase

Waiting for the boss

Coffee Break

Surveyors avoiding later traffic problems

Posh Door

Drain Cleaner

Dog and Duck

On Parade



Separate tables for breakfast

Mohican cut


Steve & Helen notice no Boris Bikes here yet



Number 31

Are we lost?

All tastes

or none

Comptons Pub

Food Hall

Bier Advert

Chinese Grocer

Pots in Line


Backs of shops

Chinese Lions


Waste is taken away

Rice Delivery

Pork, Squid and Chicken

Large Menu!

Soft Toy Dragons

Corner Cafe

Anthony advises, a passer-by ignores

A Shopper

Leicester Square

A bargain!

Traffic Wardens

Big Brother CCTV

Reflection, she is bored.

Absorbing the sun

Curled up

Steel Erectors

Rough Sleeper One

Rough Sleeper Two

Looking for a sewer manhole


Centre Point

You cannot beg there

Hanks Guitars Denmark Street


Centre Point


Dirty Alley

Opening later

Street Art

Morning After

Open Early

Block Coloured Buildings

Delivering Breakfast

Bridge to Centre Point

To the Tattoo Parlour


Second half walk Denmark Street to Trafalgar Square

Stage Door of Phoenix Theatre

Street Art above the Phoenix Garden

Glimpse of St Giles in the Fields  Church

Garrick Street

Coloured Paving

Art Deco Cinema Front with bas relief

Sweetie Barrow


Seven Dials

Seven Dials

Doggy Shop


Fat Face

Clothes Shop

Sign Man

Odd shoes

What a cake!

Colourful Clothes

The Crown

Arcade Covent Garden

Magic! Covent Garden

"Statues" Preparing

In a hurry

Pogo Stick Man

View of Covent Garden

Performer and Assistant

Strange Dolls

Sketching in the Antiques Market

"Bella Italia" for Lunch

"Heritage Wardens"


Ready to clear up

Friday 21st June 2013

We decided to attend the "Private View" of those pictures selected by Anthony Epes for the Foyle's WeLovePhoto! Exhibition.  We walked from Covent Garden Tube to Foyles at 113 Charing Cross Rd as per the map alongside. It turned out there were three of Helen's photos exhibited, two of Steve's and one of mine. 25 selected from 190 submitted.  After looking at the pictures we walked back to Leicester Square having a meal at the La Notte Rosa, Bella Italia, cafe on the way.

Yoda levitates

Silver Lady off the ground

Golden man suspended


One lamp lit


Family rests in Covent Garden

Lamps in line

Rude Aprons


Drinkers at the Salisbury

White Swan

Dishoom advert

Steve Reflected


Back lit

In my opinion......


Frog Table

Seven Dials

Detail, seven I guess

Golden Awnings

Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard

Skates Shop

Neal's Yard

Neal's Yard Clock

Neal's Yard


Tattoo passage Denmark Street

 Full Adbin

Denmark Street

Car Rear Window Denmark Street

Pleased with the style

Not waiting for us?

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