Sunday 1st July 2012  London Pho


Saturday 9th may 2015  A visit to RICHMOND with Matthew to look at their Spring Fair


Map of Richmond

Breast Plate?

Marigolds for background in shop window

Brewers Lane

Leading to The Green

Danieli for chocolates

Rings are secured, but you can try them on

Paved Court

Friends of Richmond Park

Charity Stall

Pop up clothes stall for "Animal Rescue and Care", actually a Deux Cheval (a vapeur)


Pro Israel Stall next to...

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

I Love Food


Old Vicarage School perform Bollywood Dances

The choreographer in the Wings

The Chorus line

The Helter Skelter

For very small children only!

Balloons for sale

Police cadets

Pictures for sale

Art Stall

Cricket match

Weaving back the seat


Natural Cures

Coloured Baskets

I'm lovely

Deauville Belles

Water Can



Sales Girl

Pastel coloured mugs

Caribbean Food

Hat Column

Caribbean Food again

Yellow Daisies


Mechanical Organ

The Conductor


Young Driver

Ancient Carousel

Two Riders

A very small rider

Portland Terrace window

Arm waving Tube Man

The corner of Duke Street, just a facade

"Nark Drool and the Shudders"

The Cricketers

Richmond Theatre


The Gothic House

Water Lane House

Water Lane

Great Dane, everyone has a dog

Kingston Morris attack each other





Heron in the Thames

Egyptian Duck

He just wants to be friends


Bike Hire beside the Thames

Boat repair

Long Drawers (against the light)

Three boats

Four boats

Two buoys

Too many layers of glass

The "Ukewiele" (band and choir)

"Care two share"

General O'Higgins who studied here

Art Deco?

Let's get hammered

Richmond RFC Supporter

What has landed on my nose?

Bacco's for a tasty Italian lunch, carves liver or veal saltimbocca

Last minute coaching for the Dog Show

Antiques and food

Theatre Domes


Young Handlers at the Show

Diabetes alert dog

Scared of the compere

Yum Yum

Ready to lick

The poor kid's probably petrified

Duke Street Church. "Share your talent"

"Made Right Here" natural food shop

Chefs working

Trolley Escalator

Punch and Judy show in St Mary's Church Yard

Punch and the Crocodile

The Audience enjoying Punch and Judy

Church Walk

Down to the Thames from the Farmers Market

Matthew and Helen

Richmond Bridge

Art Deco Pizza Express

Only one white model bride

Helen visited Jo Malone's Shop

No longer a Post Office



Clock Tower

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