Sunday 27th January 2013 a walk

Thursday 14th February 2013 a walk in  Notting Hill to Shepherds Bush HOME

A Map of the Walk (Copied from Helen)

Steps in Meanwhile Gardens

Reflections on the canal

Canada Goose on Regents Canal

Children's Slide

Trellick Tower

Wet Playground

Hybrid Bus

Street Art, Charles Dickens as Earl of Portobello

Bridge Spikes Goldborne Road

Trellick Tower

Door and "Drawbridge"

Coffee Drinker

Wall Mosaic, of Lisbon?

"Lisboa" Cafe for a Coffee Break

We heard only Portuguese  here

Mirror and Helen contemplating

Moroccan Cafe Goldborne Road

Vegetable Stall on Portobello Road

Antiques Shop window

Another Antiques Shop window

No mouth!


Pots in blue

Banana Break

Lamps on a blue wall

Bearded dog walker


Leaning and looking

Photo of Coffee Pots

Cycling past the photos on Portobello Road by Nadia Hammond

On Patrol

A colourful Cafe

What tea do you want?

Worried about something?

 Street Art of an Artist

Cooker cleaning al fresco 

Wooden Rabbits in shop window

Pink Gates

Shop selling China Tea

Grilled window

Gas Mask

Smokers having a laugh

Spanish Civil War mosaic

Coloured Bridge, Helen & Steve

Cambridge Gardens

Mirrored, those waiting

Tattoo Parlour


Rainbow Terrace Lancaster Road

The same terrace via a reflection in a Peugeot rear window

Burger and Chips?

Halal Meat


A smartly painted Alba Place


Window Dresser

Rastafarian in Dunworth Mews


Which way?

Dog Owners

A solid Building

Green Shoes! (really!)

"Spirit of Notting Hill"

White Detailing Colville Terrace

"I just vant to be alone"

It looks nice

Antiques stall

Hats galore

Aladdin's Cave

Portobello Road

Collection of Sewing Machines

Cobbled Mews

Walking stick heads

Soap dishes

 Cloth for dresses

Fashion Bags

Bread in all specifications and styles at Gail's Bakery


Inside Gail's Bakery where we had lunch

A novel ATM corner of Lonsdale Road

Photographer and


Denbigh Place

Lansdowne Crescent

Smoke Break

Virginia Antiques, Portland Road

Ancient Singer Sewing Machine

Carved Door Princedale Road

St James Church Tower would have had a spire but the money ran out.

Street Lamp St James Gardens

A unique Hat

Cast Iron Bridge cracking in places

HOME London Home