A walk round  St James Park to P

The Square Mile

HOME Fleet Street

A Gang of Four walk round  Ludgate Hill, Fleet Street and St Pauls 2nd Oct 2013 and the Albert Hall 23rd April 2009 below

Map of the walk apart from detours!

A "Boris Bus" on Ludgate Hill

Old Fashioned Sweet Shop

Window of Giant Sweets

Lollipops Galore


Glimpse of St Pauls

Remains of Edwardian Splendour

Carter Lane mediaeval bypass to Ludgate Hill

Wardrobe Court in Wardrobe Place

Michael thinks about the King's Wardrobe

Luxury Service Flats in Wardrobe Place

The Rising Sun, must be interesting!

Coffee Stop at "degustibus"

Artisan Bread Cart

Mirror view in the cafe

She is looking in the Mirror

Table Dancer?

YHA Hostel, was St Pauls Choir School in 1875.

What are the steps for?

Checking Texts

Wardrobe Terrace

St Andrew by the Wardrobe

St Paul on The Road to Damascus

Oriel Window

Pile of Heads

Fag Break

St Andrews Hill

Invader is the pseudonym of a French Artist  who pastes characters from and inspired by the 1978 arcade game Space Invaders that are composed of small coloured square tiles forming a space invader character mural mosaic. He does this in cities across the world, then documents this as an "Invasion", with books and maps of where to find each invader". This one is on the rail bridge over Queen Victoria Street.

Blackfriars Rail Bridge reflected, the "Invader" is just visible.

A chat and a rest

Apothecaries Hall

Courtyard inside

"Laboratory Stock" planter

Arrowroot Jar

Main Doorway

Entrance Hall

Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers

Arms of the Apothecaries

Looking Out at the Cafe Opposite

South into Blackfriars Station

New stalactites on a drain

In his cupboard

St George slays the dragon

Art Deco Decoration, Dorset Rise

Brides Tavern, Bridewell Place

Ambulance Bikes

Sky Scraper

Unusual Fence Posts, Bridewell Place

Back of the "Old Bell"

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

St Bartholomew's House

Shall we ask for a million loan?

Hodge, Sam Johnson's cat with an oyster.

Cafe Lights Fleet Street

Mirror in front of old Daily Telegraph building

Johnson's House

The Annex

Wine Office Court leading to the Cheshire Cheese

Different Angles

Not really a match, Fleet Street

Reflection, Fleet Street

Barbers' Shop


Marching out

Police Bike, where is the the rider?

A burger or chips??



Giving away samples


The mirror doubles the space in the "Earl of Sandwich"

Lunch at the "Earl of Sandwich"

Art Lover

Temple Bar

Carved Head

Overshadowing us

"Full of Joy" bag

Sunning at lunch time

St Paul


Stockings incl. suspenders

Star Signs Clock

Lunching on roof of One New Change


Glimpse of St Pauls again

Air conditioning Exhaust Pipes

Fish eyed view in polished sphere.


Fire! memorial

Aluminium Tent

South Front

A different view of Millennium Bridge

Young Mums Club



Gull resting

Bridewell Theatre

Cheshire Cheese

Tourists snap Cheshire Cheese

A Visit to the Albert Memorial and the albert hall with old flames

23rd April 2009


Coffee in the Restaurant

Albert Memorial

Detail of the spire



Prince Albert

Side view



Middle East






Albert Hall

To garage underneath

Lift within monument

Kensington Gardens

London Home