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Saturday 17th May 2014  The London Photo Walk  to Turkish Day was cancelled due to their mine disaster and so the gang of four walked around Fitzrovia. Starting at Googe Street and finishing at Warren Street.    Could be sub titled "People eating or phoning"

Map of Route

Spring flowers in a shop window

Helen's Geo-tags


The sun makes people smile!

Above The Rising Sun pub

Charlotte Street Hotel

BT Tower Reflected

On the phone

On the phone

Everyone is at it!


Percy Passage

Newman Arms

Homage to a door

Newman Passage


Upstairs Maid


Newman Passage end

Ancient Lights

Harley Davidson as window decoration

One Tun (Barrel) Googe Street

Charlotte Place


The Duke of York, Rathbone Street

Lantana, Our Aussie Coffee Stop

The waitress has a haughty look!

Charlotte Place looking North

 Waitress whizzes past!

A mural in Lantana

The Conservative Candidate being harangued

Traffic Marshal

Street Art, Googe Place


Cleveland Street Workhouse, a model for Dickens, and BT Tower

The Gang reflected

The King and Queen Cleveland Street

Dickens lived here


University of Westminster

University of Westminster

Plumb Bob or Pithoi??

Bricked up door?

St Charles Borromeo, Catholic Church

Ogle Street

A Black Ferrari

Crown and Sceptre, Foley Street

Bonnie Gull, Foley Street

Loo conversion  Foley Street

Loo conversion  Foley Street

Loo conversion customers reflected


Menu straight from the oven

Well, you certainly notice it!

Bright, even reflected. Langham Court

BBC Cafe in the Piazza

Art Deco on Broadcasting House

Steve in the Piazza

"In your face" decoration!

Broadcasting House

A shiny Mercedes at The Langham

Doorman at The Langham

Striding along


Harley Street

A detail

The staff!

Garage underneath

Berlioz lived here

Chandos House

Zebra Camouflage

Their Garden

Hull supporters at the Cock and Lion, Wigmore Street, up for the Cup Final

Pontefract Castle, St Christopher's Place off Wigmore Street

Olivielli Restaurant where we had a good lunch but the bill was wrong!

Model train trundles round the Amber Centre Window

The model seemed to have left when we visited

St Christopher's Place


Cte Brasserie

Old Fashioned Sweet Shop

Water Feature, St Christopher's Place

For Fishermen or Pilots??

At the Gees Court end of Christopher's Place

Lebanese Restaurant

Lebanese Restaurant doorway


James Street



Expressive Hand!

Hats and Ribbons

Marylebone Lane

Angel (flown) in the Fields


Street Art, Beaumont Mews

Park Crescent

Tea Drinkers

Victorian Dairy (now a Cafe)

A Close

A Jolly Couple

Grafton Mews

A green Hoodie

Prince of Wales Feathers

Phone or Sushi??

Pavement Life

Just leaning on the corner...

Smugglers Tavern, Warren Street

Lunch and a Chat

Just resting

London Home