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Friday 18th Sept 2015 walk by the Gang of Four from Crystal Palace to West Norwood a sunshine and showers day.

The map of  the walk enlarges

Outside Crystal Palace Overground Station

A jogger in the Park

Decapitated head from one of the Dinosaurs, is St George around?


Swampy conditions


A fast rat. He would not pose!

A temporary bridge

An Ancient Oak Tree

Pond and Strata

Giant Sloth


A Consultation

Giant Elk

Back View


The Park Cafe for our Coffee Break. A mural of the original Crystal Palace

Victorian Drinking Fountain adapted for dogs

Grand Avenue

Primeval Swamp

Steve photos a reflection

A proud dog walker

Smile please! His son was the owner.

Rushing to collect

Capel Manor College Gardener?

The  Crystal Palace Athletics Stadium

Texting blind?

The TV Transmitter on the old Palace foundations

Another adaption

Victorian Tiles

A hilly terrace

"The Postal Order" a Wetherspoons pub for lunch


Gypsy Hill

Long view from Gypsy Hill

Gypsy Hill Houses

Colourful Trees

An Englishman's Castle

Gypsy Hill Station for a short wait and a ride to West Norwood to avoid the rain


Catching up on fashion while waiting

Waiting and listening

West Norwood's old Public Library plus Mummy roof supporters

We just missed the meal for vagrants at St Lukes

The entrance to West Norwood Cemetery, L. B. Lambeth



Votes for Women

Lunch in the Cemetery

Six Feet supports

Well remembered

An Ivy enhanced Arch

More fairies are not needed!

Plastic flowers


These Angels all seem to be female

In the Greek Orthodox Necropolis

Did ancient widows bare their breasts?

Suffer little children to come unto me

Greek Royalty and Millionaires are  buried here in the Necropolis

Mosaic Madonna

A mourner

The Parthenon was copied several times

A strong face

Boy and Girl Fairies

 Sir Henry Tate's terracotta Mausoleum


 A drink and a rest. Hyram Maxim's and Mrs Beeton's tombs were very plain

Quite relaxed

 Tool shed?

Ornate versus Simple grave

A mews off Knights Hill

An Orange dress

Pink haired school girl

Nearly arrived at Tulse Hill Station on the Thames Link Line

London Home