Sunday 18th Mar  2012  London Ph

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Sunday 22nd Sept  2013  London Photo Walk abortive attempt at visiting THE GHERKIN and  BATTERSEA POWER STATION

Next to Aldgate Tube, but it was shut!

Really Big Red Flower Pots

Tribute to the ancient Aldgate that included a House see Helen's website

A New Skyscraper in the City

The five hour queue for the Gherkin

A glimpse of the Gherkin

A new square is being made here beside Aldgate

Closer to our goal!

Queuing  for the Synagogue

Metropolitan Line

Ferns surviving, just

The "Cheese Grater" building

Stairway reflected

Dutch Barge home

Albert Bridge

Paradise Row (actually quite ordinary)

She'll never push it over!

Stack of Plates?

Bridge Suspenders?

Street Light (OTT)

Wall Balls

Film Studio


Old Wall

Old Father Thames

Hang Glider?

The Development Poster


Dead Gas Holder

Dead Battersea Power Station, we gave up on the 5hr queue for entry.

Shags, ready to fish

Thames Path


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