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Friday 19th May 2017, a Gang of Four walk around South Kensington to glimpse how the rich live

Our route

He can afford a parking fine! (NB Double yellow lines)

Door Guarded


A very thin building

Door knob

Egerton Terrace


Egerton Crescent

Very Smart

Kitchen Thing


Cardinal Newman

London Oratory from the Internet, no photographing is allowed inside

Cabbies Canteen

Outside seating

Grand Entrance V&A

Blown away by the Museum

Windows V&A

Conducted tour


Bad hair day

Ceiling in the Cafe

She has an elegant hand

English Delph tile: "Helen"

Duck stained glass

Wall Plaque "January"

A grand door

Main building back of.

Looking back

Who is being killed?

For Sale in the shop

Outside for a smoke

Ismaili Islamic Centre, Cromwell Road

Mormon Church

Too pink?

Queens Gate Mews

Princes Gate Mews

Imperial College Frontage

Queens Tower: 285ft Bell Tower, a relic of the demolished Imperial Institute saved by John Betjeman

"Good will hunting" (Film)?

Queens Arms, Queens Gate Mews

No drinking this side of the Mews


Garden seats

Queens Gate Mews

Volunteers wanted

 Lighthouse (No1 Kensington Gate)

Gloucester Road shops

The Gloucester Arms

We had lunch here

My lunch, open Chicken & Bacon Sandwich

Victoria Grove

Repairs in progress

Venetian perhaps?

Albert  Lodge

Michael photographs a flower

Helen smells a rose

This one

Kynance Mews entrance arch

Kynance Mews

Kynance Mews (East)

Kynance Mews (West)

Steps to Christ Church

Kynance Mews again

Vertical Sheep

Little Flower Girl

Two Arches


Skyscraper, out of scale.


Late Lunch

Original Gloucester Road Tube Station with liver coloured tiles

Institute Francais

Khan's excellent curries

Back at South Ken Tube and its Pissoir, then home

My Geotag Log (It was in my pocket)

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