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Thursday 11th Aug 2016 a Gang of Four visit to Three Temples in Neasden

Neasden Temple

Footbridge over the railway

Wind Generators

The Temple front as we approached

The gates

Peeping through the gates

The Garden

Looking out from the garden

Front staircase, we were not allowed any closer for security rersons.

Dancing Girl

Dancing Girl 2

Dancing Girl 3


A long view

The Social Centre

Balcony Supports



A priest

A decorated window

Side view

The Neasden Temple is the first traditional Hindu Mandir outside India. Two thousand tons of Italian marble and 3,000 tons of Bulgarian limestone were shipped out to India to be carved by 1000 craftsmen then brought back to London where the beautiful building was assembled like 26,000-piece three-dimensional jigsaw.

Our journey, red for walking, blue for our intended bus route.

Wembley Stadium

Retail development

Modern buildings Wembley Park

More work needed

Coffee van on the Empire Way

Top of the entrance ramps...

....and above

Wembley Stadium is a football stadium with 90,000 seats which opened in 2007, on the site of the original Wembley Stadium, which had been demolished . The stadium hosts major football matches  and home matches of the England national football team. The stadium will be the home of Tottenham Hotspur while White Hart Lane is being demolished.

Novotel with windows

Student Accommodation


An Archer

Wembley Park Tube station.  I had intended to leave the Stadium via the spectacular White Horse Bridge but unfortunately set off in completely the opposite direction

Wembley High Road


Wembley Central Tube Station redeveloped

J J Moon's for lunch

Inside the Wetherspoon's pub

A fellow drinker

Ealing Road Temple Wembley's newest landmark finally opened its doors in 2010 after 14 years of construction. The 16 million Hindu Mandir is located on 2.4 acres on the Ealing Road, Wembley. There is none of the metal core most buildings have, instead, it has been built using ancient techniques. The beautifully carved temple is made up of mixed stones from Jaisalmair, Bansipahad and Makrana marble, while the  outlook is decorated by Jaisalmair lime stone, all of which have been imported from India having been carved there.

Ealing Road, All-Inclusive Temple, opened in 2010. Various gods and "Saints" and even Mother Teresa are represented inside.

Front gate

Looking in

Michael featured

A bride?

A family snap


A window. No photos were allowed inside

A detail


Two statuettes of Ganesh for sale


The side

A dancer

Oriel Window


Entrance near where a Brummy Asian coach driver told Michael his life story

Looking out

Suburban pride

Alperton Station on the Piccadilly Line about 45mins from St Pancras


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