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Wednesday 26th June 2019 an Old Flames visit to Harrow School with a walk round Harrow on the Hill by the Gang of Four beforehand

My Location Log of our walk

A "Leaf" on The Grove Open Space


Looking back at Harrow from the Grove Open Space

St Mary's neglected graveyard

On the Capital Ring Link

St Mary's, altitude 124m


Inside St Mary's

Stained Glass

The School War Memorial Building

Harrow Old School

"Obadiah Slope"

Site of the Old Town Well, now a drinking fountain.

"Short Hill" to West Street

The School Souvenirs Shop

"The Doll's House on the Hill" on the High Street for coffee



Window Table

In the Gents

Shops on the High Street

The Gallery Cafe, High Street

The restored "Kings Head Gantry" Highest point on the Capital Ring. Was it a gibbet too?

Henry VIII

A thin house

A plain wall

"Coffee and Cocktails"

The Castle pub

Tudor buildings?

West Street

Ex Barn

Not a pub now

Map of our walk


The White Horse, a Fullers pub, on Middle Road

We had a very tasty lunch here

The glass was really full!


Blue House

Old Harrovian

Queen Elizabeth I

The Speech Room Tunnel


The Speech Room

A Monitor

King Charles Well

Satellite view of Harrow School.

The School was founded in 1572 by John Lyon under a Royal Charter of Elizabeth I,

Angela checks her list

Name in the Brickwork

Our guide points to the fist name carved

The Masters Desk

Churchill family names

From a Harry Potter film

Robert Peel's name

The Beating Stool

"Assistant Master"

Explaining the school boaters

Birch and Cane no longer used

A Monitors seat

A boarding house opposite

John Lyon's Arms

The City of London 10 miles off on the horizon

Jawaharlal Nehru portrait in the Speech Room

Winston Churchill

Robert Peel

The Speech Room

The Organ descends below the floor

Astronomy & Geometry

Steve listens to the story of the school

The Ceiling

The School's Multidenominational Chapel


The Choir

The Altar


The Virgin Mary

John Lyon, school founder, and wife. Childless, his money from a toll road helped fund the school

The Organ

A school boarding house

The "Haven" a house for boys having a hard time in their usual house

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